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Type Cover

Lloyd O

New Member
Type cover has suddenly stopped working but still shows as being connected.
Can anyone help. Note a replacement cover also does not operate.


Staff member
Check for a dirty port connection. Debris, metallic fragments, etc. can get in there. Try blowing out gently.


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Lloyd, mine stopped on my pro 4, no backlight nothing. After numerous hours with microsoft surface tech support reloading image and trying everything under the sun nothing worked, hardware issue with charging circuit apparently. I am in search for keyboard as well only one I have found worth anything is from Zagg, havent bought yet though.

Lloyd O

New Member
Hi Thanks for reply. Your outcome is not good but I believe that it is a software problem that has not been sorted out yet. Have you had the from official sources in writing. I am using a Logitech keyboard and mouse at present. There an answer or a fix out there we all need keep in touch.


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I feel like I need to bring this up everytime I see a post regarding a TypeCover not working anymore, but have you left the keyboard connected and booted up to BIOS first? In my case, that helped getting the keyboard to respond again successfully. Shut the Surface down and then hold down the volume up button and press the power button while holding the volume up button down. See if the keyboard works in BIOS. Might fix your issue.