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Ultra Book Suggestion for Mom


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I need to get my mother a laptop for Mothers Day as hers is dead / near dead. Any Suggestions? Price up to US$2000. Ultra Book with TOUCH(MitchellVII is wrong ;) touch is not dead) 256GB SSD or better. 8GB ram or more and great resolution. 17 15 or even 13 inch screen. Lighter would be better, more battery would be better.
Thinkpad Helix, without a doubt.

11.6" inch screen
1920 x 1080
Up to i7 cpu
Up to 256 gb ssd.
10 hours battery life.
Digital Stylus
Display mode and laptop mode
Full tablet only mode.
Thin and light.

Pretty damned amazing.

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There was no mention of a pen requirement and any capacitive stylus will do just fine. The screen resolution is a hit but I am curios what kind of mom needs a gaming rig laptop? I figured given the target user (probably a little older where super high resolution on a 13" screen means tiny text) with the details provided this is a more than adequate suggestion and one many moms would be thrilled to have :D