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Unable to connect to the high band on wifi network


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I have a Surface Pro 2 which I upgraded to Win 10 and then did a clean install because of some problems. Normally it will not connect to my high band. It just says it cannot connect and asks for the password again. Then it still can't connect. A review of the connection log shows that it is having a problem with key exchange.

There are some steps which will allow connection for a while but is not permanent. They are:

Uninstall the Marvell 350 adapter driver and then let it renew it during bootup.
Reset TCP/IP and reboot. It seems to help if the power configuration is set to high performance.

Needless to say all of my half dozen network devices have no trouble with it. Does anyone have a similar problem or a solution.


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Your title was changed as the prefix you used is reserved for tutorials.

Have you tried on another WiFi network?


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Are you referring to Channel or Spectrum? If you have a US model many of the Higher Channels used in Asia abd Europe are disabled by FCC regulation.

If it is 2.4 vs 5 then we will need more info such as Router/AP Model and Firmware Level, etc.