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Unable to update. Any help appreciated.


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Hi all,
Briefly, I'm having a really annoying problem with an update on my SP4. It's the (KB3194798) update which I know has caused a number of people some grief.

Windows downloads the update, then asks me to restart. It installs the update, then tells me it is unable to install the update and then removes changes. Whole process is repeated since the update first appeared about 14 days ago.

MS support has been absolutely hopeless. 5 times I've called - 5 times I've been directed to the "Surface" team and 5 times the line goes dead/they hang up/I'm disconnected.

I've tried various restarts, uninstalling it, and doing a manual update via the MS site, but same problem.

Can anybody offer a solution, or point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.


KB3194798 is a cumulative update, so it contains a bunch of smaller updates. I'm not certain, but I'd guess that if one of the smaller updates, it causes the whole thing to fail. Someone else may have more information about this.

However, I notice that the link to the manual download from the MS Update Catalog site isn't working, so maybe they've pulled it temporarily? I'd give it another try in a few days.


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I would go to MS site and download the update manually. That's what is did on the update that got stuck at 42%