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duplicate entries in people app


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i recently started using outlook.com and had to link all of my accounts online. after I did this I had lots of duplicate entries on my surface people app. I have now unlinked all accounts from both people app and outlook.com but still have 2 entries for everyone in the people app.

any one know a quick way to get rid of them and start again with linking my contacts.? will switching to a local account then back again work?

I don't see duplicates in the online people app, just on my surface..
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Do you have multiple accounts connected? I have some where people use different variants on their names for LinkedIn, Facebook, Gmail, Live, etc. You have to link those together, when the People Hub is unsure.
Just one hotmail account and nothing else linked. As I said dupes are only on surface, if I look at people app online there are no dupes.
Aw: duplicate entries in people app

This also happens on my wp 7.5 and in rare cases on my surface. Just connect the dupes and everything is fine. The sync-option isn't 100% perfect...
trouble is it wont let me link the duplicates on the surface, so I need a way of wiping the contacts altogether and starting again..
i have now tried switching to a local account and back again with no success.

I cant even delete or link any of the entries!!

very annoying..
Still no resolution to this. I have linked all my accounts again, and linked contacts where possible bit still have 3 entries per person with 2 I can't delete or link. V annoying. [edit] upgraded my laptop to w8 now and there are no duplicates in the people app. so its surface specific...
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Here is how I fixed the issue of duplicate ghost entries in the People app. Be aware this will reset all Mail and Calendar accounts and settings however as most people will be syncing this with some kind of cloud service or getting from a web based provider it is simply a question of letting it redownload data (correctly this time).

1. Boot into Safe mode and delete all the contents of this folder C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Packages\microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps_8wekyb3d8bbwe
2. Reboot
3. Try the People app, typically it doesn't work straight away. Sometime it does.
4. If it doesn't load, go in to the Store application. Go to "Your Apps" and select "All Apps installed on YOURMACHINE"
5. Select "Mail, Calendar and People" and choose install in the bottom menu that pops up.
6. Let it install and then go back into People which will be blank (as will Mail and Calendar).
7. Set up your accounts for the apps again.

This worked for me, hopefully it will work for you!