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Update has knocked off keyboard and touchpad. Any ideas?


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Hey guys,

My surface book has been flawless up until its update on the 20th. I received a message saying the usb couldn't be recognised after the update and the keyboard and touchpad have both become non responsive when connected.

I have tried updating drivers, uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, resetting , full wipe and restore. And nothing.

I have been on to the tech support who tried the driver methods again but they said id need to send it in. But I don't believe its hardware.

It still recognises when attaching and can still charge through it, the back light comes on when I touch the touchpad so it still recognises it.

I have cleaned the contacts too but still nothing, sounds like a usb hub driver issue but I can find the issue at all!

Any ideas guys!??
I have exactly the same problems on my SP4. The key board doesn't work, not even the backlight coming on. This all happened after the updates were installed. Are there any fixes for this yet?
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