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Upgrading from Surface Pro 2 and need sugestion



I currently have the Surface Pro 2 i5 4300U with 256gb hard disk and 8gb ram. I am pretty okay with using the Surface Pro 2 but only one thing. Need a bigger screen and a lighter tablet.

So I am considering the Surface Pro 4.

I am confused between the i5 model with 256gb hard disk and 8gb ram or the i7 model with the 256gb hard disk and 8gb ram.

My question is if it is worth spending more for the i7 model? I read that the i7 model has the iris display card which is better than the one in the i5 model.

Is it really worth it or will the battery drain faster with the i7 model?


It really depends what you need it for.
1.Doing my office related work in Ms Office
2. Emails
3. Surfing the net
4. Netflix and Hulu
5. Light gaming when I am bored
6. Photo and video editing (not professional work)

Will the Surface Pro 4 i5 model 256gb and 8gb ram be enough or will the i7 model 256gb 8 gb ram be better because of the iris display adapter?


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If light gaming means something like counter strike GO, then the i5 will be absolutely fine (for reference i played CS:GO without an issue on the 4gb i5 SP3). There is a thread on the forum with videos of gaming on the sp4.

Unless doing complex editing etc with premier pro etc, then i7 really is overkill and money wasted imo.