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Upgrading to Win10


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One issue that I know of (happened on mine) was that Microsoft broke the function of launching the correct OneNote (if you have OneNote 2013 installed) that you have checked as a default. Mine would always launch the OneNote app rather than the 2013 version which I had marked as the default.
I bought the surface 3 with windows 10
then I replaced with the surface 3 lte windows 8.1 and immediately updated to windows 10

now im missing
  1. speech recognization,
  2. cortana,
  3. one note intergration with pen
  4. and it seems like missing other features

but I would not revert back do like windows 10 and believe it runs better


I have my surface updated to 10. Its awesome. Much better than 8.1. the only thing I miss on 8.1 is metro IE. There is a gestures app to bring back that functionality but I am not yet there to try it. I am going to see how I make out without using it.