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Urban Armor Gear Red Case - Quick Review w/ Pics


I'm a process control engineer, spend a fair amount of time at ethenol or bio diesel plants, which are dirty. But I always have sp3 in hand as I'm taking notes or plugging into the DCS system. The case adds perfect grip for my hands, and cushion for when I drop it. But mainly the grip and grooves my hands just can hold onto it perfectly. It's not so bad without the case, but it's perfect with it.

I also honestly drop it at least weekly. Feel really bad, but amount of time it's being held while used while standing, compared to drop, it's really not so bad


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Well, I bought one today at Best Buy. They had it for $70 but got the Amazon price match. The thing works great even in portrait mode! Thanks to everyone for your guidance - very happy with my purchase. Here are a few pictures:



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Cool case. Like the black.
By the way, that little UAG tag on the corner is very handy to flip down over the corner of the keyboard when covering the screen. Holds it in place without a magnet. Great for travel in a bag.



Jesse, great review, but I do have one question for you and others. I have a docking station. Obviously you can't dock the SP3 with this case, but I was wondering how difficult it would be to get this in and out of this case. When I'm home I'll either have it docked and won't have the case on, but I travel a fair amount and I'd use this case when I'm away from home. Will I be causing any damage to the SP3 by periodically removing and reinstalling the case? Is it made for that sort of thing? Your answers will help me decide in the next day or so to bite the bullet and buy one. Thanks.
For, it's very difficult to get out of the case. So I didn't buy the dock.


I'll also agree with the ease of removal and re-installation. I have the docking station in my office at work. Push to 2x Dell 24 1080p monitors and a Samsung 1024X748 (wonderware graphics for clients are set up for this spec and its either work in a small window at 1080p or old school monitor but full screen). I love the fact I can push to all these by just sliding my surface in.
But I also feel like I can break the sp3 by just holding it, its so thin/light its just amazing, but I know myself very well so in the case it goes.

I'd say 2/4 weeks a month I'm in the office and every morning I take the case off and put it into my dock, and every night I take it off the dock and put it back into the case. I've been doing this for a few months now, and the case is more flexible and makes the surface easier yet to remove and install It hasn't effected the fit or protection it offers when the surface is in it though.

My biggest reason for the case. Is the other 2/4 weeks of the month I travel for work, most is by plane. And even though the surface is small, it falls off the airline trays constantly. I don't know how many times I've now dropped my surface or that it fell. But Still looks brand new!
For me , totally different story, I'm afraid of breaking the screen, when I take the case out, wow man , it's so hard.


Yea I like this case but no way I could continually take it out and put it back in. It is a bit of a struggle. It also didn't play nice with my screen protector as it would buckle and lift up the edges. However, since switching to a glass screen protector, which doesn't go as close to the edges, things are ok.

Also, I'm not a fan of having to pull the back prop out that way it goes. I feel like I am breaking something when it snaps out.