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Urban Armor case...


So I see Urban Armor is releasing a case for the SP3. The case looks quite nice and is the style I have been trying to find(by style I mean a back cover only and then using the keypad as the front protection) but the price($70) is a bit steep to me. I understand it's military grade so it does have its pluses.

Anyway, anyone know of any other cases that are of that style (aka. just a back protector+stand and then using the keyboard as the front cover)? Most of the covers I see are the folio ones where it also has a front cover over top the keyboard.

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Guys lets not be lazy, post more details...

Also, I am pretty interested in also seeing who else is making this type of case. All I see on Amazon are those flip and wallet style cases. Any recommendations are welcome.

Anyways, here we go:



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I am mildly interested but hate to loose the light weight and sleekness that the naked SP3 has. First time I drop it on concrete I'll probably change my mind.
I have one of these on my Galaxy Note 2 and love it. It does add some bulk, but I feel like the phone is very safe in there. I might consider one of these for when I use my SP3 on site but remove it for normal use.

Now if I can just find a pistol grip that I could use with it. Although looking at the pictures, I wonder if the hinge stand could be used like one. It looks like it might be narrow enough. Interesting...

Jeff Au

Referring to the pic of the case + type keyboard - does having this case means we can't snap the type keyboard into the SP3 (and elevate the keyboard instead of having it lie flat on the table)? It looks like so from the pic above?

how easy is it to put on / remove this cover? From the pics & spec, it appears to be something easily done. If it is, then one use case for this type of case would be when you are carrying the SP3 in tablet form - since it does offer good protection even in drop-case.

Free shipping worldwide.. so I might be keen to pull one over!
I'm very on the fence over this case, I like the idea of the protection and the benefits of side protection however i'm concerned about the extra bulk it will add to a point, but my real concern is all that plastic insulating the unit and making it hotter. I have the Maroo portfolio case at the moment and under hours of light web browsing i've noticed heat build up in the CPU area. I accept this is active cooling opposed to passive, but i'm sure the leather case is heating it up, now make that plastic and it's a whole lot worse :-/

Other than that its the case for me.


Besides the price tag, the only thing that is making me think twice is whether you can still fold the keyboard under the device when not using the keyboard.

I have 2 folio type cases with both having an annoying drawback. The one even with the top cover, I can still fold the keyboard under It when not in use, but this case has an issue the the view angle(only one position) being too steep when using its stand. The second case allows for many different viewing angles but it is a bit thicker and thus when you try to fold the keyboard under, it won't stay attached.

I want a case that gives me a few viewing angles while still being able to fold the keyboard under when I am taking notes and using the tablet.. as a tablet.
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I don't get why you would need a hefty case like this on the SP3. You are negating the best feature of the SP3, the kickstand. The case kickstands only has 5 positions.

I don't know about how other people use their SP3, but it's like you carry it around and pull it out of your bag like you would a phone constantly, so the inherent risk of dropping it is much less.
Well depends on your usage. I use mine for work and I attend building sites for meetings and for photography of our finished jobs. While it won't be getting covered in dirt and dust some of the places in have to put it down, like a site meeting table made of cargo pallets aren't good for the finish of my surface.

This is why this is a good idea for me. I too wonder about the keyboard folding over and the bulk plus my heat concerns


Well, I planned on buying on yesterday with the ship date of today. Forgot to pull the trigger, went on today and now its shipping October 2nd. So ordered it. Hopefully the ship date itself is October 2nd. Meaning that theyre selling as soon as ordered, and not that the ship date is being delayed. But I guess ill get an email once its been shipped.

Once I do get my hands on it, I'll post on here what I all find. i5 256gb 8gb with dark blue type cover. Use for school/work. One note and kindle for school. Sony vegas pro 13 and adobe lightroom 13 for 'minor/light' edits in the field. And also will be bringing surface in the 'field' for my electro/mechanical job. To read the different manuals, and take notes, use autocad with pen ect. So the case, I think will be perfect for the field. Help minimize damage, keep it cleaner, give it some extra heft and rubber for grip. And I will probably remove case when im at home or at school

But like I said, ordered, and will post finding after I get my hands on it. I'll also do a quick youtube video, if you want to know specifics or have certain things you want me to check/test (other than anything that would possibly damage surface like I wont drop mine with the case on), let me know and ill include those as well.