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USB Hub Recommendation


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Because there is such a variety of hubs available in the market, experts will need to know a little bit more about what you want:
- how many devices do you need to plug in?
- any devices that use a lot of power like hard drives? If so, its best to get a hub that comes with a power supply.
- does it need to be portable or can it stay on a desk?
- do you need fast transfer speeds? if so you need USB 3.0 which is more expensive. Otherwise USB 2.0 will suffice and save some money?
- do you care about extras features like audio, wired networking and adding monitors? There are "docking stations" that can add a lot of features like that to complete the desktop experience with surface pro 3.

Any hub that works on a regular laptop will work on the Surface Pro 3 too.


I had two of the hubs with ethernet as r0b123. They are bulky and mine broke within weeks. Watch out, they are available with different logos printed on them, eg. Inatek.
Since the SP3's USB 3 port does not seem to be reliable in terms of provided currency for external 2,5" hard disks, you might want to consider that hub:
This one is also a cheap China product, as bulky as the one above, does not follow USB connector standards, but allows external harddisks. The power cord of this hub can get plugged into the USB port of your SP3 power supply.
If you want it less bulky, go with this one, with a short cable: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KMP41TO/. Also a ChCh one...
A working gigabit ethernet adapter for USB3 could be this one: http://www.amazon.com/DN-3023-Netzwerkadapter-SuperSpeed-USB-3-0/dp/B008Y6SPN6/
I paid under $20 for it at amazon some months ago.


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Hubs come in all shapes and sizes it more depends on what you want to use it for or what requirements you have to meet and devices to support to determine which one is suitable for your tasks. I have used an Amazon Basics Hub and it worked fine for the task but that's not a recommendation.
Find something powered. We tested a couple non-powered USB 3.0 hubs at work with the surfaces and they didn't seem to provide enough voltage for multiple 3.0 devices.

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