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USB power in standby

Wayne Orwig

Active Member
I have used the USB port on my Pro 3 to charge my phone forever. I travel with a cheap after market charger, that does not have a USB port. My phone charged just fine from the port, even when the Pro 3 was asleep. It would not charge of course in hibernate, as expected.
Starting about two weeks ago, my phone now only charges, when the Pro 3 is awake. When asleep, the phone shows that it is charging, but it actually isn't. Or it is very very slowly. But the hardware has no trouble charging the phone when awake. A have also tried other cables.

I have looked all over for some type of setting, maybe a power saver for when asleep.

Anyone have any thoughts on where to look?
Wayne Orwig

Wayne Orwig

Active Member
Well, I'm pretty sure this is not a Pro 3 issue, but a phone issue. Oddly.
I have a USB tester. The USB port data lines go to 2.9V and 0V, and the phone stops charging. So it looks like a phone issue. The 5V DC voltage is there, but the phone stops charging.

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