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User experiences between Surface RT and Surface Pro


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Hmm ok, need to check that, I would be looking at using virtual box and one of the appliances from the oracle site. I can cut it down and remove the developer tools and just leave me with 11g database only. Any reason why you couldn't stick the vm on a USB key or other external storage?

I suppose in a way, I would be interested to know if anyone has found out things that they cannot do on the pro, that they thought they should be able to, if that thread already exists, please post the link.
Using a 32GB or 64GB USB 3.0 Thumb Drive (I would look at one rated for Windows 2 Go) you should be able to run the VMs...


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Even after 2010 Pro plus and other productivity software installed on my Pro, I have 70.2 GB free. I use the 64GB SDXC card for music and pictures and stuff.


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I have VMs that use 16GB of RAM and 60GB of storage, especially when dealing with data bases and development tools.


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Your biggest hurdle for your scenario is the lack of storage for VMs on the Pro, it only has 128GB of on board, Oracle VMs tend to be quite large. I use my Surface RT to remote into my Power Servers as I always have an Internet connection with me.

I have local and remote VMs on my Acer S3. I lug along 3 VM on the internal SSD drive- 1) DC, 2) SQL Server 2012 Enterprise, 3) SQL Server 2012 Core. On the Synology NAS, I have created an iSCSI volume that contains other VMs, including Ubuntu :LOL:

The Surface Pro can connect using the iSCSI initiator to any iSCSI volume.
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