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Pen Accuracy


Does it seem to you that the pen calibration and accuracy is dependent on the application?

I have the latest drivers, I have run and rerun the 100pt calibration and been meticulously careful to hold the pen the same way I write, etc. I have noticed that OneNote tends to be spot on (excuse the pun). With OneNote wherever I start writing, the ink is perfectly below the pen point. However, one of my favorite applications is PDF Annotator since I use this a lot to make notes on presentations. With PDF Annotator, it seems the point at which the ink starts drawing is offset from my pen tip by a few millimeters. Usable, yes, but extremely annoying. Thus, is it application specific or is there something else going on?


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I do not notice your issue, but I am extremely annoied at the touch of the pen. Seems I have to hit hard to registwr. Many times the radio button changes color indicating a sense, but never changes to the next selection.

very disappointing, I loosened up the zone of accuracy and it made a bit of difference. Still not good enough.


I use PDF Annotator too to write on PDFs that I show on the projector in class.
It is a little annoying, because it makes it difficult to accurately underline or circle something.

Writing is also difficult to do as neatly as in OneNote too.

I wish inking in PDF Annotator was as good as it is in OneNote. PDF Annotator is what I use most in class.


Just as a followup...I contacted the developers at PDF Annotator and received a very quick response which impressed me (shown below). They do not think it can be software related but are investigating a few things. With Riggi's confirmation, I am positive that the accuracy problem seems to be worse in PDF Annotator and I never have problems with OneNote. Although I will admit that sometimes when I use PDF Annotator, it does seem the accuracy is perfect (and this is without changing the calibration.) Anyway, strange.

"I'm sorry, we are not aware of that problem. Unfortunately I cannot see a way how to solve this, as the pen position is not handled by PDF Annotator itself, but by the underlying Microsoft ink overlay component. So it seems that Microsoft has another problem with one of their own components on Windows 8. Can I send you a sample application that will check this? One first test: when you change to line tool or arrow tool, is the tip position correct at center of cross?"