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Using Cintiq Companion's stylus on Surface Pro 2?


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As the title suggest, is it going to work?

Right now I'm using Samsung S7 slate pen, which is slightly more accurate than the stock stylus.

But I'm just wondering if the Companion's stylus is compatible with Surface Pro? Since both of them are similar, win 8 tablet with wacom digitiser.

Has anyone ever tried it before? Is there a lot of improvement in accuracy compared to the surface pro's stock stylus?


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The only Pens that work will be the legacy Penabled Tablet PC Stylus (like the Samsung you are using) or the Wacom Feel Stylus. I like the Motion J3500 Stylus, but for the best results get one of the new Wacom Feel Pens.


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I would say if you purchase a Wacom feel pen make sure you get it at a place that will let you return it if you dont like it. I picked one up at bestbuy and didnt like the way it felt against the glass and took it back. I use an art program called Mischief and had to press down much harder to get thick lines. So if you like real super skinny precise lines the wacom feel might be ok for you.

It didnt glide across the glass as nice as the stock stylus imo...


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I do, actually, use the Samsung stylus with the WinTab driver for graphic design & photo retouching work. Having the pressure levels (pressing down the pen gives you thicker line) is very valuable for my workflow.

I have tried & didn't like the Wacom Feel stylus. Because for a premium price like that, I expected the stylus to at least come with an eraser button like the SP stock stylus & standard size nibs, not the small ones like the stock stylus.
Plus the current Samsung S7 pen I used now is as accurate as the Wacom Feel, plus the eraser button & replaceable nibs from my other wacom styluses.

But I'm still wondering if the Cintiq Companion pen would work with the SP2. Both are Windows 8 tablet, equipped with wacom digitiser, pretty much almost the same hardware & infrastructure.

In theory it should be compatible. But I'm still wanting to hear any reports from other users to reconfirm.

If I have the access to the Cintiq Companion in my area (which is pretty sparse to find one) I would certainly do so.