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Using SP3 screen and Ultra wide screen together?


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New guy on the forum here and hoping someone can help! I just purchased a LG 29um55 ultra wide monitor and it works and looks great when I just use the ext. monitor on it's own and connected to the MS docking station using a DP mini to DP cable, however when I try to set it to see the SP3's and the LG at the same time, they both have black bars on the sides. The LG's resolution is 2560x1080. I was hoping to be able to leave both on at the same time and them both fit the screen properly. When I try to use the extend mode the SP3 looks fine and the LG scales properly but all I have is the task bar on the LG's screen. Any help would be appreciated greatly.


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I may be missing something, but have you set your SP3 screen as the primary screen? Whichever screen that's set as the primary will have the taskbar on it along with any desktop files, shortcuts etc. I don't know if this helps, but it's one more thing you need to check when using multiple monitors.