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using the pro 2 daily, will battery be ok?


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I am considering getting the surface pro 2 (256g version). I use a desktop at work, but I plan to also use the surface on a daily basis for taking into meetings for notes (mainly typing , but the digitzer might be handy sometimes), and docking it at home as a computer in the evenings.
My main concern, and the reason I am hesitating before purchasing, is if daily use of this type might quickly degrade the battery. I don't want to find within less than a year that the battery no longer lasts, and that I'm stuck with a need for an expensive replacement. I'm wondering whether I'd be better off going for a dell venue pro 11 which has a replacabale battery (or the xps 11). I must say that I prefer the specs of the surface pro 2, but don't want to end up needing to replace it in a year because of baterry life.
Am I right to be worried?


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Odd that you would ask that question. I use my Surface 2 all day and charge it overnight for use the next day. Yes, naturally, with every charge there will be a corresponding degradation of the battery, but then again, that is how batteries behave, right? Would you ask the same question about your phone? So, I'd say, use the device the way you want to while maintaining the customary care that you would for all battery-driven devices.


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the difference is that I don't usually spend 1500$ on a phone, so less worried about changing it after a year. And with the phones I use I can always replace the battery very cheaply.


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Get the extended warranty. Microsoft should replace it if your not happy with the battery in a years time.


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even tho with normal usage the battery will obviously last longer than a few years...unless the battery is defective or abusive usage and charging cycles, then no battery will last more than a few yrs. I agree with kristalsoldier that the question is odd...they wouldn't make a device as expensive as that if the battery only lasted a year. So OP don't be worried about the battery life. I guess the same logic can be applied to all batteries for laptops which lasted well over 3 years with good charging habits.


Hi sambalgado,

If battery is your concern then yes, I would advice going for the dell venue, with the option of the replacable battery. It's something that is in my opinion not taken to mind by the company. Before my surface one, I had a Lenovo X60 convertible tablet. The battery's drained quickly after one year but batteries were replacable. There is the microsoft warranty of battery drainage and replacing the tablet, but the problem is that you have to give up your device for a couple of weeks and have to do all the fidgety stuff with backups, reinstallments, updates etc. I've run into this question as well when purchasing my surface pro. I was won over by the fact of the quick charging and relatively longer battery life than a current midrange laptop. If the surface had a model for replacing the battery I wouldn't hesitate to do that. Contrary to popular believe, the li-ion batteries will drain over time and lose their full potential over time. It is also no wonder why electric car manufaturers run into the same issue of what standard is the best (replacing batteries over time is the better option). It doesn't matter what microsoft or sales reps say, it is my experience that all batteries run dead with use over time. By the way not using your Li-ion battery at all can also kill the battery, so take into mind that you need to find the right balance of use; too much will degrade the battery over time, but too little as well.
I'm not sure if the battery of the surface will degrade within one year with regular (daily) use, but if you're planning to use your surface for the next 5-10 years, I would consider an option to buy one with replacable battery.

good luck.

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Microsoft can send you a new Surface before you send your old one back so there is no down time other than reinstalling updates and apps. Still an annoyance I know but I very much doubt the battery will be much worse after a year. My RT actually lasts longer now than it did when I purchased it last October 2012.


In the last decade, I have never owned a portable device that outlived its battery. Even my MBP from March of 2011 that I charge daily shows capacity of over 85%, and thats almost 3 years of heavy use. I wouldn't worry about battery longevity of SP2 at all. IMHO.
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