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Using the Pro 3 to scan documents.


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The Pro 3 does a lot of things well, scanning documents is not one of them. But one of my friends MVP have found a workaround that she shares at her blog.

Using the same trick on my SP3 since 2 months. Highly recommended. And shame to MS on this point. That's really my only real gripe against this exceptional hardware, the best I've ever own.
Barb is resourceful....I really don't see the point for me personally as Office Lens on my Windows Phone does a great job and creates a OneNote File, Word Doc or PPT for me...
Those are very useful, I use them at times when I need to free a hand from holding a magnifying glass to work on something. kudos to Barb for creativity.
Though it's no excuse for the camera on the SP3 to suck so bad, I just used my iPhone to take a picture of a document and then saved it in OneNote. I was then able to use it in OneNote on the SP3.

I really don't have a need for the camera on the SP3 so it's really a non issue for me. I am happy that people are finding ways to get around it.
Barb's trick got me thinking...

Several years ago, Microsoft Research had a project to use early generation Windows Phone devices to take close-up pictures. They sent out free devices (like the one in the first attached picture) to those of us that requested them. I still have mine.

Once I found where I had placed it, I took the following two [2] close-ups with my Surface Pro 3: one before and one after I taped the magnifying glass to my SP3.

As you can see, I took the close-up with the magnifying glass much closer and it is still much sharper.

It's certainly not a replacement for the better camera that we really deserve, but I thought I'd share. :)


SURFACEPRO3 - WIN_20141126_134354.JPG
SURFACEPRO3 - WIN_20141126_134453.JPG
I wish that I could 'pair' the camera of my SP3 with my phone's camera, so that the SP3 thinks that I took the photo with SP3's camera.
I wish that I could 'pair' the camera of my SP3 with my phone's camera, so that the SP3 thinks that I took the photo with SP3's camera.

Since I have an Eye-Fi device (even though I'm not using it with my current setup) I've got this working with my Android (Galaxy Note 4) and my SP3. I have installed the Android Eye-Fi app on my Note 4 and Eye-Fi Center on my SP3. Whenever I take a picture with my phone (as long as my phone & SP3 are on the same WiFi network), the picture gets automatically transferred from my phone to my SP3.

I think you may need a registered Eye-Fi card to get this to work, but I may be mistaken.

Another option is to sync your phone's pictures with a cloud service that also syncs with your SP3. This solution might take a few minutes for a sync to complete and the pictures to get to your SP3.

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