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want to write in onenote with stylus


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All I'm able to do at the moment is write on two lines and then insert them. If I can't write with a stylus where I want the words to go, then there's no use for the surface for me. Is there a way?


Do you mean just writing anywhere? On the Tabs at the top, go to DRAW and select the color of line you want to draw


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Yes that would work but its pretty faulty. I'm hoping its my stylus? I'm using a 2in1 with a rubber ball at the end.

I'm a college student and bought it for mainly note taking because, I have a laptop that I could use excel and word on. Starting to think I joule be got the Samsun galaxy note 10.1 but was thinking it would be nice to have it all in one.
Haven't tried more than one stylus, but the touch sensitivity seems to be low, low enough that you can't really use a stylus to draw. Finger seems to be okay though.