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Warranty - 250 Vs 0


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OK my Surface Pro 2 was my first purchase direct from Microsoft and loved it until i reread the warranty details. You get one year as default and you can then extend for a further year only with Surface complete package for around £250.

However, on the Microsoft website for the UK if you want to buy some peripherals you get redirected to a High Street store such as John Lewis. I then noticed that they give you 2nd year for **free** and a further 3rd year for just £70. Hang on !!! Thats a massive price difference.... So i called Microsoft returns to clarify ....

Firstly the lady on the line told me it must be two years warranty default. She put me on hold to clarify .... Yup - 1 year only and ~£250 for 2nd . The only thing they can suggest is to return to them and then repurchase from a high street store - JL in this instance.

I love the device but UPS are collecting today so I can repurchase - mad but that's the way MS do it... I wonder if its repackaged in time for me to rebuy in the UK in Jan --- now that would be ironic.

Anyone else had this issue?
Nope, I never bother with extended guarantees anyway, my home insurance covers any device up to £1,500 :)

But, just to add something to this thread... I purchased from the UK Microsoft store in May 2013, and it says online that my warranty expires and the end of August 2014? So I seem to have 15 months for some reason.