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Surface 3 - massive screen problem


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I have Surface 3 which was purchaased directly from Microsoft in Feb 2016, so Microsoft warranty expired Feb 2017. Just after the warranty expired, the screen started to develop a significant problem - see the attached pictures (I guess it may have started developing during warranty period but unfortunately I did not notice it until it became really bad).

Basically, there are several horizontal wavy lines visible on dark background; on magnification (sorry for fuzzy picture) you can see that these are made of massive amount of hot pixels (red, green and blue). The Surface has not been abused, nothing was spilled on it, it was not dropped, always carried in a protective pouch and basically used normally.

Obviously it is not something that is expected to develop on any device just after a year, so as far as I am concerned it can only be due to either unsatisfactory quality or a manufacturing defect. I contacted Microsoft support and sent the pictures but the support guy dismissed this stating that these are dead pixels (? obviously not) and "If it would have been a manufacturing defect, you would have reported this problem long ago." Obviously I could not report it as the defect was not apparent until just after the warranty period. This does not change the fact that this is highly abnormal, and you would expect a reputable manufacturer to try to address the issue. The only "solution" offered was out of warranty replacement, the cost of which is basically the same as buying a new tablet, after 1 year of usage !

Have you ever seen anything like this ?

As UK is still in EU I am trying to claim under 2-year warranty law, and UK laws provides a possibility to claim against retailer but it is quite shocking that Microsoft just dismiss the issue. I highly doubt I will ever purchase any MS hardware again.

Images here:
IMG 0581
IMG 0583


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I have had the same problem with my previous S3. It appeared suddenly and was also accompanied by significant yellowing of the screen all over (almost did not need the "night light". And like the OP, this happened or started happening just after the warranty had expired. I am not sure what caused it, but I was holding out for a Surface 4 (as a follow on for the S3), but that did not happen and unfortunately, the device fell and the screen broke so I went and bought another S3 (ended up being brand new instead of refurb, but the lesser variant 2GB/64GB). As of now its ok though I notice that the screen is much brighter by default as compared to my previous S3.

From the little I have read on this the yellowing (which the OP does not seem to have) is because of heat and the glue. The pixel problem I don't know what to say.