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Warranty Replacement SP2


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I had to use my warranty because of a faulty touchscreen.

All is good except this refurb unit is using hardware that is pre-update meaning its still got the Intel I5 1.6mhz 4200 CPU instead of the Intel I5 1.9mhz 4300 CPU.

My question is: Is the performance drop noticeable? I've got one or two apps which are already pretty taxing on the beefier version of the SP2.

I admit, I'm more than bothered on the principle that I am now running around on a downgraded machine (performance aside).

The only answer the store could give me is to take it in. They had no idea if there were 4300 CPU models in stock or how to find them besides opening up refurb boxes (which i'm not even sure they will let me do). I also found it strange that the serial number is higher on the refurb unit than on my original.

So did Microsoft switch back to the slower CPU later on in the production run? If so, the odds would really be against being able to get a the 4300 edition.


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I doubt it's noticeable but run that taxing app and see if you can detect a difference.

It's possible Intel supplied 4300s instead of 4200s as an equal or better part if stocks were running low. The difference in performance is not that great from looking at rankings etc.

FutureMark ranks the 4200 at #178 & the 4300 at #176. http://www.futuremark.com/hardware/cpu These rankings are dynamic and represent all submitted benchmarks over time and they were previously at 184 & 182 respectively (lower is better). actual performance in the Surface may vary. Passmark rankings https://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu_list.php might be a little more granular and their ranking has the 4200 at 592 and the 4300 at 491 with single threaded/multi-threaded scores of 1389/3274 vs 1606/3756 respectively. Bottom line, their differences will show up on benchmarks but I don't think you would notice it in day to day use.
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Interesting links thanks!

After setup my own thoughts between the two is that there is the slightest of differences but not enough to remove all doubt the result is being influenced by me knowing its supposed to be slower.

The Microsoft Care Team is going to look into it, but if they can't do anything the difference isn't earth rustling.


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I say send it back. You are entitled to what you purchased. I had the same scenario, it took me a while but eventually I received my i9 CPU.