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Advanced Replacement Coming My Way


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Well I'm finally giving up on hoping that I'll be able to fix the 1 and only issue that I continue to have with my SP2 4300u and that is it's dark to bright screen on wakeup issue. This only occurs on battery power and the unit must be asleep for several minutes before this happens. But under these circumstances when you wake it up the screen is dark and gradually brightens over the next 5-6 seconds to the brightness level that I have it set at. This varies throughout the day as sometimes it awakens lighter than other times. But when it is plugged in to a power source the screen wakes up consistently at the brightness level it is set to run at. Auto brightness is off.

Customer Service told me that I would be getting a refurb but that since my serial number shows a 128 gb 4300u then that is what I'll be getting back in return and that I have 15 days to get it back to them after I receive the replacement. So I'm not concerned about getting a refurb as long as it is in great physical condition and fixes my problem without giving me any new problems...:)
It's always a risk but my replacement was in good condition... good luck!

Thanks. I got my replacement last evening and physically it was in good condition as the back was a little scuffed but not much. I only have 2 problems with it. One is that it is the 4200u and they assured me that since I would be returning a 4300u that is what they would be sending me. And two I noticed that the screen had a yellowish tint as compared to my current unit. It didn't look bad mind you but it was clearly not as bright a white at the same level and this was with the auto brightness off. It was very noticeable to me when comparing the two side by side.

So I was on the phone with them for a good hour and I'll be driving to a FedEx drop site this evening to do this again.
It's frustrating they can't seem to get it right first time with so many people.

It must be costing them time and money... luckily the one I exchanged for was near on perfect, especially as I found out the problem wasn't even with my original Surface at all!