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What do you do with the keyboard when using Surface as a tablet?


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I used to detach the keyboard and leave it on a table when in tablet mode but now I detach, flip it around, reattach and fold it behind the screen. This way the keys are protected from unnecessary mashing and the felt cover of the keyboard provides a more tactile feel when holding Surface. (Plus, I don’t have to worry about my kid using the keyboard cover as a Frisbee:))

I can do this with SP3 and I’m assuming you can do this with other versions of Surface as well…


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Either leave it on and fold it back or do what you say and reverse it. Sometimes I take it off and put it in my bag.


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I just reverse it.
Folding it back always worried me, especially with the material being at risk of being pulled out of the 'spine'... as happened with earlier produced keyboard/covers


I just fold it back when I use it as a tablet. Or I fold it back and put the kickstand on top of the cover to watch movies or podcasts.


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Both for me, too, depending on the situation.

There are times when I know I will need interaction with the physical keyboard from every now and then, so I flip it back; other times I know that I am in full tablet/touch mode only, so I ditch it.

Wayne Orwig

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I used to take it off all of the time. Then I found you could just fold it back. But it is getting damaged from being folded back that far. So now I take it off most of the time again.
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