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On screen keyboard when Touch Cover is attached??


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Can you activate the "on screen keyboard" when Touch Cover is attached under tiles mode (without folding the touch cover back)???

The reason I want this is to use handwriting feature.

Thanks for your help.
Aw: On screen keyboard when Touch Cover is attached??

This is possible, just open the charm -> settings -> Keyboard and select it.
Or just fold the keyboard against the back of the surface and it deactivates and the keyboard comes up on auto.
Strangely, if I click in the reply box on this forum my keyboard pops up then disappears, it won't stay there to let me type. But if I select it from settings it stays ok and let's me type.
If you use the Enhanced Interface WYSIWYG keyboard on the forum, then it stays open. The Basic and Standard seem to glitch and close. You can change your default under Settings - General Settings - Message Editor Interface. Hope this helps with the disappearing keyboard on the forum.