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What do you do with the keyboard when using Surface as a tablet?

Wayne Orwig

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True story. When the iPad first came out, my sister bought it for her husband. One time I was on the phone with my sister and she was telling me how her husband was on that iPad all the time when I heard her scream "Derek, NO!" and then a loud crashing noise. Her 4 year old used it as a Frisbee.

I always thought that iPads were for serving KoolAid. :)

(just a joke for the humor impaired)

Dion Martinez

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When I'm lying down on the bed, I use the kickstand and have the SP3 on my lap, keyboard with the keys facing down on the bed and using the cover side as a mouse pad for my Arc Mouse=].


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Depends if I'm showing someone something I think :D to this day I've never tried the turning it around thing... must give that a go.


I almost never use it as a tablet. I did it on purpose last night. I considered myself a tablet enthusiast, but now I kind of feel bad. I feel like I was really just a confused ultrabook user.


I flip mine on a daily basis. My keyboard seems okay, besides the fact that I have an issue where sometimes touching it restarts the surface. The stand (the part in the back that digs in) has also damaged the back of the keyboard.


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I've said this before, but my Surface Type Cover is so much more comfortable with the Stickerboy applied. All this flipping over of the keyboard feels better, and the keyboard stays cleaner. Check out how it looks. Seven months now, and no fraying, peeling, scratches, gouges, or fading.