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What Surface Pro improvements would you like to see in Windows Blue?

Arizona Willie

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Where do you find File Browser and Modern File Browser?

Found File Browser searching the Store but I didn't like it at all. Doesn't seem to be any way to choose your view of directories and show details.
Bah. Out with it. :(
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1. Offer Windows Blue on a USB memory stick, since more and more systems, Tablets and Laptops, don't come w/a DVD.

2. When installing on the Surface Pro, only load the drivers needed, in order to conserve as much SSD memory space as possible on it. Keep the install as clean, and as small possible.

3. The return of the old Start Menu, as an option. While some here may not like it, many of us still do.

4. Release a Windows Blue version Specifically Tuned to the Surface Pro, and it's built in hardware, and to it's fullest, for it's maximum performance, much like Microsoft does w/the Xbox 360, and it's hardware.

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