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When is the Offical update to Windows 10 for SP2 expected ?


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Not set yet.
Many estimates for Windows 10 announcement place it in July, 2015, with a launch around September 1.
Seems like a long time, doesn't it? It will be worth the wait, so Microsoft can get it (mostly) right.


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Because they can. They want those people that have issues with using Windows 8 to get and stay excited and look forward to it.

Several of the other items they displayed/announced at the event are ready for prime time either.


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Microsoft is seeking for user feedback with Windows 10. It so far, they have listening to them with many changes made from them.
They really want to make Windows 10 the best Windows they have ever done, and build a proper ecosystem, and it is a new strategy that the company is taking to make that a reality.
well im running build 9841 and love it. This weekend I went to the latest build.. 99xx forget numbers.. wow total redo and didnt like it much. Then it started tanking my SP2.. so I went back to 9841 and all is well...

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