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Who is getting one? Why or Why not?


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Agreed, then you need Windows.

I have thought about getting an Android tablet "on the side", but that would mean yet another device. In a lot of cases Android is good enough, but sometimes you need full office for example. Currently I am really hoping my employer will roll out the Bring Your Own Computer initiative to the Netherlands. If not I am always taking my Surface Pro ánd a laptop from my employer to a client site. The Surface Pro is then only for personal needs, taking notes and usage in the car.
For personal usage and usage in the car I can perhaps even better purchase an additional Android tablet. But still a shame to have a Surface Pro for home use only :(
I could have just used my 15" sb2, but that gets heavy after awhile. Next week I will be at MS Ignite and that is a ton of walking and moving to different rooms and buildings. The go will be far lighter to lug around. I have an android tablet, never use it anymore. I have a note 9 phone. But I still need ms server support tools, RDP, and internal VPN software to connect to work if needed in an emergency. Besides, I had a ton of points from an event that I had to use or lose. I cashed them in on a gift card for best buy. [emoji3]

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Just upgraded to a Surface Go. My Surface 2 is on its way out the door. The Go suits my needs and l love it. It is light and small enough for me to take on the train and get work done. I always have to do last minute touches to my presentations.
Can you update me on your thoughts on the Surface Go? My SP3 is starting to show issues, screen freezing, need to refresh web pages every so often, etc. I am thinking the Surface Go may be a good option.

Thanking you in advance,

There is one thing to think about; would you be comfortable looking at a screen of that size for a long amount of time? The Surface 2 screen size worked for me.

I like the small form factor and it is easy to carry around with me. I would suggest going for the 8GB version, with more storage space.

Good luck with your choice.


I am visiting the Microsoft Store this morning and have it evaluated. I will check out the Surface Go and Surface Pro 6 while there. I appreciate the comments and suggestions. My decision will reside on the outcome of having my Surface Pro 3 evaluated by one of their technicians.

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I just was in a store and I think the Surface Go is too small. I have had a Surface 3 (non pro), but the Surface Go feels way smaller than that. No, very happy with the Surface Pro 5... apart from the light bleed. And I am currently owning the 3rd one with light bleed.
In the store I saw one (pretty old) Surface Pro 5 m3 with quite some light bleed as well


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i bought the 4gig version as it was comparitable to the ipad at the end of financial year sales. I like using it with the stylus, but hate the lack of apps available for what i want. I use it for work to mark up PDF's in an engineering office and send emails, which it does well. As i was being tight at the time, i should have splashed out for the 8 gig version and gone windows 10 home over "s" to install the open\free source programs i like to use, like paint.net...which you have to pay for with Windows S
Hi Stephen,

Please let us know what you end up doing. Glad we were able to help.



Hi Shawn,

I had a good experience and the engineer was professional and she evaluated and removed a few things that were producing issues. I am though back to having issues (2 weeks later), so not sure on what direction to go. I am thinking of upgrading to a new Surface Pro 6/ Surface Go possibly but also thinking of removing windows completely and moving over to a Linux operating system like Mint. I like the Surface Pro 3 and served me well for some years but these issues are driving me crazy...

Any thoughts...