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Who is manufacturing it?

Not sure. I'm sure they don't want too much extra attention into their company. If they are making it, it should be of good quality, since they were affiliated with ASUS.
I think this is also a sensitive subject since MS has partners that are going to be building most of these devices and they can't be seen as competing or playing favorites there. Eventually we will know but for now MS is just putting a flagship device out there and setting the bar for it's other partners. Hopefully they join in with quality products as well.
That is Albert's opinion, in this particular one, he is very wrong, "problems can be solved by the same level of thinking t hat created them"
if those problems eminated by virture of time because they were not problem before and are now problems through its prolifiration.

example: Before PC era, there were no true cyber crime laws in most part of the world. it took the same level of thinking that advanced computer and cyber age to use that knowledge to craft better cyber crime definations and laws as legal entities and solutions to that problem.
lol, well obviously this is a quote taken out of context. Besides I think there is an argument that problems eminated by virtue of time are not problems that are created by a level of thinking but a level of timing. If I ask will it rain 30 days from now wait thirty days and then use the same "level of thinking" to answer the question is it raining today is not really what the quote is addressing.

A better analogy using cyber crimes and computers might be the music and movie industry's approach to fighting piracy where their locked down drm'd systems which prevent the average user from having access to the content in the first place is the reason they are driven to piracy. It has been shown that making items easily available for purchase and easy to use once purchased (drm free) that leads to many more legitimate sales than the lock down method.

To solve their dilemma of easily earning money for content vs making it also easier to pirate would be to change their level of thinking and instead of fighting piracy develop a culture of supporting art and artists (music and movies) that you enjoy by funding them. This has been very successful on sites like Kickstarter showing that people will pay for things they believe in and support given the opportunity.