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Whoa. New "Surface Book" just shown


Holy crap! Gimme gimme. My big question is how much battery life in the thing when it's disconnected....


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That's a great question. The GPU is going to need battery so was the battery life connected or not connected to the type cover?


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I think this will act as the earlier build of the Battery Cover that they launched with SP1. It is both, actually. The tablet mode has a battery and it is extended (if you will) when docked on the keyboard. The larger battery in the keyboard is where you get the longer life. My guess is with lower level usage the thing can get 1/2 the rated life without the keyboard base. Of course this is 100% variable as it always depends on what you're doing during that period of time.


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Wonder if the removable tablet will have the kickstand like the SP3. I don't recall having seen that. Surely...


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I wonder if there were any eval/review units sent to "reviewers" ... need more details!!! hope we don't have to wait till after the 26th.


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When Apple copies this strategy within 24 months and converges iOS and OS X - many people will faint.