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Why Did You Buy Your Surface Pro and How Do You Use It?

I bought my surface for the same reason one might buy a tablet, only I couldn't stand the fact that I would have a big phone on my hands
that couldn't even load a proper webpage.
That's why I bought the Surface. Now I can do anything I used to do on my old PC.
I bought it because of I don't want to carry my heavy laptop to everywhre, my job requires me to move so much. My SF could replace my lappy and iPad.

I already created the recovery USB and delete the recovery partition on my SF to get more free space. Anyone pls tell me how to reset my SF if I lose my USB flash. Thanks in advance.
Hey people.
I got mine for work in construction management I've been using a combination of android tablets nexus 7 2013 asus t300t Samsung galaxy note 10.1 2014 edition and my 7 year old Vista laptop and got the sp2 256/8 gig in mid Feb after waiting for them to come back into stock and was rewarded with the spec bump on the processor and integrated graphics.
I use it with the galaxy note to work in the field for sending and receiving emails or blueprints Pdf change orders some light image editing light video editing and office for power point presentations and for entertainment when time permits I love that this beast of a machine has replaced my laptop and desktop.
I bought because i wanna have a Windows Tablet and i dont wanna spend to much money. I bought a SP 64GB for 420USD (used) in Switzerland (where a new 128GB costs still 630GB). As i only use it for Metro UI and for trying, i dont need 128GB. I will put a 64GB microSD in an ready. as well a microUSB-Stick with 64GB. Thats more than enough space.
I work in the field and needed to replace my laptop with something lighter. In my Surface I work with Excel, Word, access my company's web pages, get my corporate Outlook email account and keep connected via instant message with Sametime and Lync. I'm a happy camper!
I bought my Surface Pro to do everything. I dabble a little in art, I use my laptops/TabletPCs heavily for web browsing, streaming videos, and watching mkvs (16:9 is awesome for this). My recent previous occupation was a full time student (finally graduated!) so heavily used it as a notetaking device (thank you for OneNote). Being able to annotate in PowerPoint with ease, and draw diagrams straight in was a huge plus and always a head turning. Now I plan on using it during residency with my new power cover (hopefully won't be a hassle during rounds due to weight). I really do hope they improve the Citrix app however, thing crashes so much and doesn't support different size snaps....
My wife and I were looking maybe for the past year for a replacement for her old HP laptop with Windows Vista. It became really slow. It was a daily pain for me to maintain the laptop (and I have a long time experience with PC's). My wife wanted something more small and more light but that could do all she used to do with the laptop. About eight months ago we looked seriously at some hybrids, but they had childrens deseases, so to speak. Now that Microsoft came with the third generation of the Surface Pro we took a good look at it. Read reviews, went to a shop where a sales representative of Microsoft gave us a demo and answered our questions. Then I advised my wife to buy the SP3. We bought an i5 with 128GB and 4GB RAM, a keyboard, a pen and some other acceessories. Now after three days I must say, it looks good. The weight could be a bit less and sometimes the machine gets heated up a bit. That's it folks...
We home school our daughter, and needed something portable and light, but that could also run Windows. SP3 was the only thing that fit the bill.
That's a great choice, use the same at home mainly to stay out of my office. I am a disabled USMC Retired and being able to handle anything my huge desktop can do, even run a mac on 27" too. Most of use in my home run ipads, its just me that runs both, sp3 and ipad air 2.
I bought mine last night at BestBuy. I figured it was time because I was tired of thinking about it and just decided to buy it. I got them to price match what MicroCenters price was of $100 off then used that to buy the keyboard.

I stopped using Windows computers back in 2007 when the first iPhone was released. I was so impressed that I bought a MacBook Pro a few days later. Over the last few months, I had been wanting to get a cheap HP laptop but then saw the SP3. I really liked how it had the Minidisplay port and USB and a SD slot. Then of course, it's a real computer running full Windows so I could install any app that I want just as I had done before 2007.

I don't really have any heavy duty uses for it. I run a few websites so will do occasional Photoshop as well as FTP and other things.

I'm still a Mac user and bought a 2012 Mac Mini I7 just a few months ago. I also have an iPad but really, I have no use for it now with the SP3. I can use tether my iPhone to my computer to get internet anywhere I am.

I was close to buying a Samsung Note Pro but glad I didn't as they are limited on what you can do as are iPads.

No limits.
- I wasn't a Microsoft fanatic, but it ...
+ replaced laptop
+ ran PC apps, not just Mobile apps
+ fewer devices (tablet + desktop)
+ really cool note taking!
I was delighted with my Surface Pro and just to make it the perfect machine for my purposes I installed Office 2013 pro plus. If you are have similar thoughts and use VBA , be warned. Installing the 64 bit version of Office will require you to modify all your previous VBA's. Anything created on a 32 bit machine will be rendered useless unless you are prepared to go back over old work are re-write parts of it.
Why someone at Microsoft thought this was acceptable is beyond me!