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Why don't people recognize the greatness of RT?


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I can't remember if it is Acer that will be releasing a $99 tablet running Android... a tablet for everybody! ;)


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I've gone from an ipad2 to a nexu7, then transformer infinity and now my surface rt. For me the rt is perfect. I use it as I would any tablet for consumption, but the biggest benefit is the full office suite and included touch cover. I'm working on my bachelors degree and none of the other tablets came close to having word and excel for school. Being a mac guy for the past 8 years or so meant I had no legacy windows applications so that didn't make any difference to me. This thing is rock solid and the performance and battery life are great. Microsoft just need to work on their marketing and this thing should sell very well. Once they sell more then the apps will start coming, which is the only real negative I can say about the rt right now.


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I had the iPad 1 right around when the iPad 2 was about to be released. Then I purchased the iPad 2 when iPad 3 was released and sold the iPad 1. I had these tablets, well because "everyone" had one. Then the Surface RT was announced and I was all hyped up about it. So now I have it and really love it. I also own a Galaxy tab which I use mainly at work to watch movies and TV shows during my breaks and lunch. When I get home and on the weekend, it's all Surface love baby.

Edit: Oh yeah, and I sold the iPad 2 when I purchased the Surface.


I purchased my RT on the day they were released simply to support the tech. I had no idea at the time that it would pretty much take over the role of my Sony Vaio Z. I travel quite a bit and I find myself wondering how and why I stuck with my amazingly lightweight Z for as long as I did. I cannot see myself turning back now and really wonder of the Pro is the way that I should go, but I really am happy with my RT.

Here is the problem MS is having. Modern portable laptops are fantastic. There is really very little compelling reason to switch to a possible nicer tech that will require some re acclimating to its use. Using touch is NOT like using a real laptop. They can do the same and touch is even more efficient sometimes, however, it is a learning curve. I do find myself accidentally touching my laptop screen now which annoys me to no end.

So this really boils down to getting the device into peoples hands. They will love it.

And then there are the Apps. We are still woefully short on apps. I understand why. If I have limited resources as an app designer, my focus is going to be IOs. But guys, we have to expand our app store.