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wifi issue


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Ok this my 2nd day of finally owning a surface RT and I'm loving it apart from the issue with the WiFi I'm currently experiencing.

IV seen a few issues like this so far on other sites and they all say the same thing. The issue is whenever I'm browsing the internet or the app store my surface keeps disconnecting from the WiFi.
Every site iv looked on says to change the WiFi channel, mine was on auto but have now changed it to channel 8 and also tried channel 13 as alto of routers don't have more than 10 channels I thought 13 was a good bet. But still it says the same thing when browsing both the net and app store. I have also tried changing from wep2 to weep.

Anyone else having this issue or know how to fix it.

P.S I have done all the windows updates.


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1. Step: re-change to wpa2 (just for security)
2. get back to auto-select channel (or try to get a laptop capable of running inSSIDer and take a look at used channels in your neighborhood)
3. type "update" on your main-screen and start Windows Update search from desktop - sometimes it's the only way of getting all updates (firmware etc ...)
4. restart both surface and the router

If this doesn't solve your issues, please post the type of your router.

Have you tried using your surface on other wifi-networks?


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ok thank you for the reply's. it was helpful.
I tried it on a old router and it worked perfectly fine. I did always wonder why when using smart glass on my HTC 8x it kept disconnecting and reconnecting. I just assumed smart glass was not working properly.

contacted my ISP and they are sending me a new router out in the new year.