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SP3 Connected to Wifi but internet probs


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Hi Guys,

My Surface Pro 3 connects to my WiFi fine and remains connected. However after about 10 minutes, I'm no longer able to access the internet. Nothing on Edge will load, and apps won't update from the internet however I'm still connected to my network as I see all my network shares.

A reboot fixes the issue for about 10 minutes then same thing happens. HOWEVER apps that I had open during that time continue to update. For example, I'm in an online game right now on the device and that's communicating fine and updating - however I've just tried to go to a web site and Edge won't connect.

All my drivers etc are up to date.

It's running Win 10 preview, however same thing was happening on Win 8.1 earlier.



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Dear Lord, please remove the wireless adapter in device manager and let it reinstall the driver for a wireless miracle. :)