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Will the i3 be enough for Office and browsing?


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Anyone know how to turn the cursor off under the pen in OneNote? Hate that little star thing zipping around when I write.
I would like to know this too.... the little star is lagging behind when the pen hovers annoys me as well.

I own the i3 SP3, replacing my i5-3317U Acer ICONIA W700.
I would say that the i3 SP3 performs almost identical to my W700, except that it chokes on the cold boot (I have about 5 programs at startup and disabled the startup delay) while my W700 doesn't. Everything else is practically identical. The most interesting part is Drawboard PDF, my W700 boosts to 2.2 GHz when I perform quick panning, yet its not faster than my SP3. I would say the lack of turbo boost of i3 actually helps the heat and noise, since the SP3 is practically fanless 95% of the time even though it revs to the max clock (1.5 GHz). That's simply not the case with my W700 where it really loves to rev the fan when the processor goes above 2 GHz for a few seconds.