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Will this work on the original Surface Pro?


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from the Technical Data Sheet
All Miracast® enabled Windows 8.1 devices including Surface Pro 3, Surface 2, Surface Pro, and Surface Pro 2 ,Miracast® enabled Android devices 4.2.1 and later.

For the record Surface RT is NOT capable of supporting Miracast for mere mortals.

Before you decide. Look at the ports on your TV or monitor. you will need an HDMI port and standard USB port to power the device. no power adapter provided although you probably have a dozen other things you can power it with.

If your TV/Monitor connections don't mate up you might want to consider another alternative.

I have no experience with the Surface Pro 1 or the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter. Many people have posted on various forums success with Miracast adapters and Surface Pro.


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I could pair it to my TV just fine, it's just the fact that some people have no luck with miracast, while others do. 60 bucks isn't cheap to throw away.


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Up until this last build of Windows 10, I had no issues with Miracast on both the PTV3000 and ScreenBeam Pro. I'm assuming that we'll have a fix for Windows 10 soon....