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Win 10: Insider Testing and still so Buggy?


With MS so publicly making the open testing of Windows 10 and it is still feature incomplete and buggy. I mean if MS was counting on Windows 10 to rescue them, Windows 10 is not it. Ever since I installed Windows 10 Pro yesterday.....the fan on my Sp3 has been buzzing like crazy.....even though nothing is running and I just booted to the desktop. Unlike Windows 8.1 when the fan comes on very loudly and goes off after 10 minutes or so (usually while running Chrome).....the fan after installing Windows 10 does not stop at all.....and as a result my batteries are depleted after a short while. In fact about an hour. What gives???? Also because of the constant fan.....SP3 starts to throttle my CPU like crazy until everything moves at a slow motion even typing and loading webpages.

I was also so looking forward to replacing Chrome (resource hog) for MS Edge.....but Edge cannot import bookmarks from Chrome properly and proceeds to mess up the favourites folder and forced me to delete the 300 or so bookmarks one by one. And I don't know if anyone has noticed, but Edge stops being able to load websites after sometime.

Windows 10 was so hyped that, for me, an advocate of Windows for nearly 25 years, it was a let down big time. I really really hope that it will improve quickly over time......but the way it is now....it is undercooked. Perhaps, instead of rushing it out the door, they should have held back a bit longer. I can see the tremendous potential here, but until MS irons out the bugs and slowdowns, it remains just a potential. In fact, Windows 8.1 (if you ignore the Modern part) was a superb and speedy OS.
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