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Win 8.1 recommended updates: On or Off?


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Win 8.1 recommended and optional updates: On or Off?

Should I leave the "give me recommended updates" on or off, at the windows update settings?

I started wondering about that when I received tons of recommended updates and couldn't figure out which one was worth installing. Microsoft's information is shamelessly bad. Now I'm thinking that blindly installing everything they push might end up ruining my surface pro. I'm on the 3rd hard reset due to bad updates, but I'm not sure what caused the errors.

Could RECOMMENED updates be bad?

And what about OPTIONAL updates?

What do you think?
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I have it set for Recommended and Higher, but to be honest I apply all of them on Patch Tuesday to test before they patch my wife's and son's SP2s....I review install Optional....


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Instead of starting a new topic... regarding Windows Store updates, is there a way to obviously see when apps are getting updates? On iOS a little blue dot appears, I'd like something similar tbh.