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Pen problems since last update


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I own a Surface Pro that I use to digitaly ink my drawings. Since last update, more than a month ago, I can´t use it any more.

After the update the pen is no longer usefull. The preasure level sensitivity desapeared, even single task like mark a text is annoying, also if you draw a fast line of a few cm, it continues the line even if the pen is no more in contact with the screen, also it lost precision too.

I uninstall the drivers, download the newer one from wacon and install it and nothing happend, I contact MS support twice but the solution they gave me doesn´t work, in fact I think that they copy-paste an answer they have for another issues... I also have another pen that I bought just in case I need a replacement and do the same, so, it´s not the pen.

Not knowing what to do I restore the system, erasing everything, but the problems continues.

I really love my old Surface, is more than enought for what I need, and it really piss me off to know that a software update ruin it.

Does someone knows a way to fix it? maybe reinstaling windows 8.1? waiting for future upgrades? I´m relly lost...

Finally, sorry for my english, is not my native language and I know it´s rusty...

Thanks in advance.