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Windows 8.1 Store and Update issue


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I'm loving 8.1 on my Surface Pro but have an issue with the new Store App.

I don't like auto updating my apps and made sure to turn off that setting in the Store.

I like to know which apps have been updated so I can check them out for any new features/fixes.

Now, the store will sometimes show a number in the live tile, like there are updates, but when I access the Store, there isn't an option to install updates like before.

There is someting in settings, where you can turn off auto updates and manually check for updates but that setting is grayed out.

What am I missing?

I guess I stumped everyone! ;)
Anyway, I just went into the Store and it behaved like Windows 8.0 store.
It showed a "2 updates" in the top right corner.
I selected it and I can now see the manual updates.
This was an issue before the last update. Run wsreset.exe from the Search Charm and then you should be able to check for Updates, if the Reading List won't update, uninstall and re-install
Wow, thanks. I think that worked.
I noticed, after I posted, it went back to the same behavior, including not being able to update Reading List.
After your suggestion, I was able to actually click on the check update button and it gave me the actual list.