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Win 8.1 RT: IE search box in charms disappearing in metro IE


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When trying to do an IE Bing search by accessing the charms bar search function within metro IE, the IE search icon is visible as a choice and opens briefly when selected. The search box then closes within a second or two and will not allow a search to be entered (the virtual keyboard does appear when selecting the IE search). This problem is intermittent and a full shutdown and reboot temporarily resolves the problem allowing normal search function until the problem begins again after browsing for a while.
This has been occurring since the update. I've also had multiple occurrences of system freezes and crashes in IE since updating. This Surface has never been unstable from my purchase on day 1 of the Surface launch last year.
Did not install a trial version prior to installing the official 8.1 RT from the store.
I did update from the store on the first day prior to the update being temporarily withdrawn.
I have completed a refresh and it did not resolve the issues.
Your thoughts appreciated.