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Win 8.1 taskbar "always combine" - not always "always"?


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I have an issue with the Windows 8.1 taskbar function "Always combine, hide labels". Acc. to Microsoft the function for taskbar buttons "Always combine, hide labels" lets each app appear as a single, unlabeled button, even when multiple windows for that app are open.

So far so good. It works like promised for "Total Commander" and "Explorer" as well as for "KeePass". But it does not work for "(Portable) Firefox" and others. For the last mentioned programs a second button or window appears after I launch the app.

Any ideas what I can do to force other programs like Firefox to really combine both windows and appear as a single button?

Thanks in advance!

Hmm, that sadly didn't worked for me. If I launch firefox.exe from the app folder my profile is not used - therefore I need to use the loader.exe to launch this and other portable apps. Anyone else with a good hint?