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Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

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Sad to say I might be going back to Windows 8.1, did a reinstall and still having issues. It's an odd one it will show me connect to WiFi, no limited connection BS, but I lose all network access and internet. Tried uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling and same issue.
I have been experiencing the exact same behavior with 8.1 recently. Icons show internet is connected full strength but I cannot load a page. I am also unable to disconnect the WIFI and reconnect... the disconnect button simply doesn't respond. In addition my Pro 3 i7 seems to be booting up and restarting itself. I did recently re-enable connected standby so I will probably go back to Hyper V and see if that fixes the issue.
Sorry to hear that, Kris. I'm confused by your experience, as you are. The firmware update of 9/9/14 half-bricked my SP3, which was replaced by excellent service at a Microsoft Store. After I had my machine replaced, I checked everything out, including screen shots of performance.

So I have a shot from Windows 8.1 and one from Windows 10. WiFi is as good or perhaps even better.

Windows 8.1
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Windows 10 Technical Preview
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I'm going to try and make it happen on Windows 8.1 tonight, then probably reinstall Windows 10 tomorrow and see if I get the same results. I fell in love with Windows 10... Going to try and stick with it.
Good thought, wditters.

Rotation works every time for me, but I wonder if it is because I went to the Screen Resolution dialog, toggled off the option "Allow the screen to auto-rotate", Apply, then toggled it back on, and Apply again. Try that.

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Mine (Sp3, i5/128, Win10 upgraded from 8.1) doesn't have an option to turn rotation on or off. Not a big deal, but it's not there.

I'm dual booting between 8.1 and 10 having setup a partition for 10 on the Surface 3.

However I can't access the files on the other partition, what ever way I try to do it (Windows 8.1 to 10 or visa versa).

If I try to unlock the other partition it asks a for a key and I don't know how to get one !

Any clues ?
I installed the 10/6/2014 "System Hardware", and it disabled WiFi for me (couldn't even toggle it on) - until I went into Device Manager, and chose to Uninstall the adapter. It came immediately back, running perfectly. It did lose all my WiFi network passphrases, though.

I doubt if this was Microsoft's intent here. But all is well.

Screenshot (38).png
It's obvious that the new Windows 10 OS has taken this forum by storm, with all the posts in this thread. I wonder if it might benefit the information flow on this topic to for an OP to make it a major thread that would allow sub threads for different topics on the new OS. That way we could have different sub threads that talk about problems, successes, apps that seem to work well, & apps that don't, etc. This one thread here is great but it can now take over an hour just to read all of the posts.

Yesterday I upgraded a Lenovo Windows 7 desktop to Windows 10 to take a look at it. I'm also going to upgrade my Surface Pro 2 when I get a chance. From all the posts I have read here, it certainly looks like MS has done a bang up job in releasing such a solid Windows Preview. I expect a lot of great things will be coming with this new OS.
I also got the 10/6 update but it did not affect my wifi, however my system is no longer connecting to to my account in the windows store or the windows feedback app, having an error when looking for updates or new preview builds, and some of the MS apps crash

Update: It seems most of my Windows Apps can't communicate properly with the internet, though standard programs can
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The latest update will kill your HD Control Panel. If you want it back you need to uninstall the display drivers, reboot and then install the 8.1 Intel Drivers. They still work and you'll have your control panel back.

REALLY annoys me MS doesn't want us to have this control panel since using it makes the screen look SO much better. Hey your screen may look like hell but you'll have 5 more minutes battery life! Yay! Sometimes MS just can't help of falling back into their old habits of deciding what is best for us.
Last week I installed Win10 as a dual boot on my SP3...then didn't have a chance to do anything with it over the weekend. After reading this forum yesterday, I decided to bite the bullet and do a full upgrade install.

I deleted my Win10 partition and did the upgrade from 8.1 with no difficulties at all. My experience matches most of the "good" experiences here, and I'm generally pleased with what I see (and await Continuum with bated breath, as they say).

One thing I don't like is the size of the fonts on the start menu. I'll certainly mention them to Microsoft, unless I'm missing a setting that allows me to ajust them somewhere. My eyes don't appreciate the SP3's native resolution, so I have it set to 1440x900. But the start menu items still seem tiny, or at least suffer from low contrast.
Finally got the Start Menu into a usable and pleasant configuration....some of the titles aren't updating this morning...

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Finally got the Start Menu into a usable and pleasant configuration....some of the titles aren't updating this morning...

That looks really nice. I kind of like the idea of the start menu as a overlay instead of a separate screen. It still doesn't seem intuitive to me to go back and forth between a separate start menu and desktop.
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