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Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

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Everyone do a disk cleanup and system clean up under c driver properties and then uninstall any 3rd party drivers ie Intel graphics non MS installed. This will clear everything up and install normally

Arizona Willie

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Yes it is 10122 ... I started with a clean install on a separate SSD a few builds back. I didn't get in on the first one, maybe first two.

I do not dual boot.

I reboot and go into my BIOS ( actually the new system E something can't remember right now but I'm high and it's bedtime ) and tell it to switch boot drives.

Keeps everything separate.

Remember too this is on a desktop machine. Don't know if people are having more trouble with SP's than desktops or vice versa.

But I didn't do anything special.

Went into the settings / update and there was a Language Pack update and after that I went back in and then it gave me the build update and I just walked away and kept an eye on it and didn't touch it until it was done.

Except for clicking Reboot Now instead of waiting till later.

Also, I'm running Intel CPU not AMD which they are having trouble with.
I hate AMD and will never buy one of those again. Bad experience back about 97 with AMD. Always seems to be compatability problems with them.

Okay, first, don't mean to be insulting but did you check in the lower-right-hand corner of the desktop to make sure it's 10122? Just had to check since you're only the second person here able to install.

Second, if it really is 10122, how did you install? Is yours Win8.1 > previous build > 10122, or Win10 clean install > 10122? Just want to see if there's anything in your configuration that made it work for you and not for us.


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Same problem with my Laptop Alienware.

The setup start and stop at 18% or 62% of Copying files.

Hopfully I can return to the build 10074.

Do you find a solution ?


I can't get past it. Ran clean up on c: incl system files. Uninstalled intel drivers (Which were then re-installed by next attempt at update). With and without;

1) SD card
2) Office 2016 Preview
3) Removing as many devices as possible (keeping just pen)

All to no avail.

Giving up till someone else finds a solution. Disappointed as I was looking forward to things being even smoother and continuum improvements.


Installed via windows update successfully on the first try. haven't had time to do much with it yet, I'll report more in the next few hours.


Build 10122 no issues or bugs in the last few hours. It seems all problems which I've yesterday posted are fixed.

But batterydrain is the same... sleep 4h ~ 6-10%!


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Your sleep isn't going to sleep yet. Ms Cortana is keeping the sound card awake and some other things are keeping nic awake. They have to work those issues out. I turn off CS anyway and just hibernate so I don't care either way. So far, this has been a very nice build... FOR ME. :)
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