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Windows 10 Pro recovery image


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Hello, I bought a Surface Pro 7 at a liquidation auction only to discover the recovery image is somehow broken. I had to use minitool to delete all partitions and start fresh. Luckily the hard drive seems to be intact. I thought no problems since I can download the recovery image from MS. I have done this before with my SP3 and SP4. So when I entered the serial number I can only see Windows 10 Home versions - huh?. This SP7 has been used in a corporate environment and I am 100% sure it had Windows 10 Pro. Anyways I installed the Home version thinking I can upgrade using a VL. Unfortunately it won't accept the VL. Arghhhhhhh.......

So I am asking if anyone can either share their serial number so I can download the Win 10 Pro recovery image or have the image stored online and happy to let me download. Thank you.