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Windows 7 on Surface Pro


Hi folks!

I have a 6 year old Fujitsu convertible laptop which I really want to retire and would love to get the surface pro however, my company does not support windows 8 but does support windows 7. :mad: Do you think it will be possible to load windows 7 on the Pro? Im guessing if I just try and load windows 7, there will be driver isssues. Also, my company will not support virtual machines... Thoughts?

Welcome to the forum. Could you specify, what you'll have to do at your company/what sort of programs you'll need?
I'll offer you a better solution, pick one :)

1. boot Windows 7 from VHD, keep your Windows 8 Pro
2. use Hyper-V to run Windows 7

if you need help in setting these up, just holler.


... i posted #2 in case the Surface is yours and you're not bound by the company restrictions.
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Thanks for the replies! To clarify, I am a franchise home inspector who owns my computer but is required to use the home offices inspection program. This program does not work in windows 8 and thats why im trying to look into 7. Most of my work is in the field. When I am inspecting a house I don't need to be and sometimes can't be on the internet so, doing some type of remote desktop is not an option.

@ArnoldC aren't both of the options virtual machines? the Home Office said we could use virtual machines but didn't recommend it as there was a higher likelihood of data loos. I dont know enough about VMs to know if that is true or not. Also does the surface pro have enough RAM to do a virtual machine?

It doesnt sound like 7 will work will it?
@curney, boot from VHD is not virtual. You'll have a choice which to boot up. VHD does not require messing around with partitions and will be contained in a single VHD file, very easy to remove when you're done with it. You can even share the same libraries between Windows 8 and 7.

As to the resistance to Hyper-V, i'm in no position to contest it, but for your purpose, it should be ok.

My Acer S3 has native Windows 7 home as bundled, I have Windows 8 Enterprise boot from VHD (the reverse of what I am recommending). When Windows 8 is running, i have three virtual machines that i run in Hyper-V, one domain controller running Windows Server 2012, one Windows Server 2012 + SQL Server 2012, and one Windows Server 2012 core + SQL Server 2012 core. All on properly balanced 4GB of memory. More is better for me, of course.

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@arnoldc thank you very much for clarifying. I'm going to pick up my pro tomorrow and make sure that the hardware is everything that it is cracked up to be and right for my particular job. As soon as I know that I am going to keep it, I will get back with you and hopefully you can help me get this squared away. Thank you again for your advice. Cheers
If the software works on Windows 7 I see little chance that it won't work on Windows 8, it may take some compatibility Settings tweaks. but should work. Internal IT and ISVs are infamous for making these claims, typically its FUD.