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Windows 8.1 support of dual touch monitors?


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Strictly speaking this may be a little off-topic since the question isn't about MS Surface. I own a Surface Pro and love it. However, it isn't really a desktop replacement for me. My desktop is rather ancient and I plan to replace it in the next few months. The new desktop will likely be a Windows 8.1 system. I've had a dual-monitor configuration on my desktop for ages and would like one again. Given the touch-centric nature of Windows 8.1 (which I've come to appreciate on the Surface Pro) I'd like to have that capability on my new desktop. And I'd like both monitors to be able to support touch. What considerations will I need to make to make this happen? Of course I'll need to buy a computer / graphics card capable of supporting dual monitors, but what special considerations need to be made (beyond touch-capable monitors) to get touch capabilities supported on both monitors at once?

Thanks for any insight.