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Solved Windows store not working

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I updated to Windows 10 yesterday and i noticed that my Windows store is not working. The app says "Store (Beta)" and the store icon is grey, don't know if that what it suppose to be?

I have the Technical Preview Build 10041, and i´m using a Surface Pro (first "generation").
I have installed all the available updates in Windows update, and i have all the drivers, no drivers missing.

When i try to open the store app it says something about it needs to be updated, but when i start the update it fails and gives an error code 0x8..... (it doesn't show more than those three first numbers, but the dots after the numbers implies there are more numbers in the error code).

The update it wants to do is apparently 24 MB in size.

Sometimes i get another kind of message saying something along the lines with:

"Excuse us the interruption"- we need to update store before you can purchase.

(the translation is not exact since the messages are not in English).

I attached pictures of the two different types of windows that shows when trying to open store.

I have tried changing to a local account, but it didn't help. I have searched the internet but almost all people that has problem with Store seems to have another reason for their problem since they get another type of error message.

I would be glad if someone could help me out or point me in the right direction. Thanks.


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Thanks for the link. Unfortunately no one of the suggestions in the link worked for me. Somebody said that the Beta store only works if your location is set to USA, i don't know if that is correct?

But it doesn't matter since what i didn't knew at the time of my question was that Win 10 had another working Store, namely the store from Win 8. So its all good for me, i just want a working store.
I thought the Beta store was the only store available in Win 10.

I guess there are no big differences between the stores at this particular time, or am i wrong?


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Its possible that the new Windows 10 Universal Apps will be only available in the Beta Store....
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Wasn´t it those apps i downloaded from the Win 8 store in Windows 10 preview? I downloaded the email and calendar app from there, if you mean those apps? Or maybe you mean in the final version of Windows 10?


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some Microsoft new apps such as Mail and Calendar are available in the Store (Beta) only, the same with Word, Excel and PowerPoint Preview...

BTW, got the same problem with you with Build 10041... went back to this build last night after some failure instalation of 10061. have tried all the possible ways to solve this but no results.

probably the best solution is to bring the build to 10061... and hoping the problem won't be replicated.
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Now the Beta store is working after it updated to build 10074, so it seems the problem was in the previous 10041 build.