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windows surface pro wifi issue


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I was wondering if anyone else is getting this weird wifi issue where doesn't matter how close I am to my router (i.e. right on top of it) my windows surface pro doesn't show full wifi bars.


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Check if there is a firmware update for your router. My home router, although very fast, only shows 4 bars on my RT. At work, a much slower wifi, always shows 5 bars.


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The number of bars indicates relative signal strength but doesn't indicate real performance. A lot depends on that router. You could try different security, a different channel or even simply powering the router down for 30 seconds and back up again. But the router's firmware check is also a good idea.


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don't know if it'll work with every combination, but Pervy Sage's Windows Phone 7.5 worked as a wifi router between the Surface Pro and Windows Desktop.

Don't know if it's as fast as wired eithernet, but thought it was the ethernet cable until i realized it was the Windows Phone doing the routing, so the speed is comparible at least.

fig. 14.4: Your connection to the World Wide Web-bit
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